Atila Poro

latest update: 31/5/2021

Research field: Occultation, Variable stars

Personal Information:
- First name: Atila
- Last name: Poro
- Born: 1981
- Email: &

Research interest:
- Occultation
- Variable stars
- Exoplanets
- Photometry Observation
- Asteroids
- TNOs
- Observatory dome

Teaching and lecturing in programs:
- Astronomical meeting in Mashhad city held by Parsa Astronomical Society (1996)
- Astronomical clubs in Gonbad-e Kavoos and Gorgan cities (1997)
- Workshop from Gorgan Observatory (1997)
- Mashhad astronomical club (2000)
- Shiraz meeting held by Shiraz Astronomical Society for about LSB Galaxies (2000)
- Taft Azad University of two meetings (2008-2009)
- Eight clubs in Gonbad-e Kavoos city, Iran (2009-2010)
- Astronomy workshop in Education Center of Minoodasht city, Iran (2009)
- The only teacher of 3 days workshop for Golestan Province astronomy teachers (2009)
- Gonbad-e Kavoos Azad University astronomical meeting (2009)
- Tehran club in Tehran University (2010)
- Astronomy workshop in Education Center of AzadShahr city, Iran (2010)
- Workshop in Gorgan medical university (2010)
- Isfahan club held by Adib education astronomy Center (2011)
- Arak university astronomical meeting (2011)
- Tarbiat Moalem University of Azarbiyjan Province meeting (2011)
- National workshop on occultations in Teheran Zaferanieh Observatory, Iran (2011)
- National workshop on occultations in Shiraz, Iran (2011)
- National workshop on occultations in Dameghan, Iran (2011)
- National workshop on variable stars in Isfahan, Iran (2011)
- Meeting on astronomy in IIDCYA of Karaj, Iran (2012)
- Meeting on astronomy in Farzaneghan high school in Karaj, Iran (2012)
- Meeting about the transit of Venus in Tabriz University (2012)
- Workshop on occultation held by Tabriz Astronomical Society (2012)
- Meeting on Venus transit held by Iranian Astronomical Society in Milad tower (2012)
- First winter school held by ISA observatory in Karaj, Iran (2012)
- Yearly conference Ray Observatory, Iran (2012)
- Second winter school held by IOTA/ME and Adib education center in Isfahan, Iran (2013)
- First summer school held by ISA observatory in Karaj, Iran (2013)
- Second summer school held by ISA observatory in Karaj, Iran (2014)
- Third summer school held by Yazd astronomical society (2015)
- Forth summer school held by ISA observatory in Karaj, Iran (2016)
- Short Talks program held by IOTA/ME (2017)
- Fifth summer school held by ISA observatory in Karaj, Iran (2017)
- Sixth summer school held by ISA observatory in Karaj, Iran (2018)
- Seventh IOTA/ME summer school of astronomy, Qom, Iran (2019)
- Kashan Astronomical Club, Kashan, Iran (Dec. 2019)
- Meeting on astronomy in Tafresh University, Tafresh, Iran (Dec. 2019)
- Workshop and Project on W UMa-type Contact Binary Systems, S. Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran (2020)
- Eight IOTA/ME summer school of astronomy, Tafresh University, Iran (2020)
- First Journal club, Amirkabir University, Tehran, Iran (Sept. 2020)
- Second Journal club, Amirkabir University, Tehran, Iran (Oct. 2020)

International Talks and teaching:
- International workshop on occultation held by IOTA in USA (2010) – by Skype
- Two talks in the first international workshop on occultation in Gonbad-e Kavoos (2010)
- Two talks in the second international workshop on occultation in Dezful (2011)
- Third international workshop on occultation and eclipse in Tehran held by ISA (2012)
- Fourth international workshop on occultation and eclipse in Tehran held by ISA (2013)
- Fifth international workshop on occultation and eclipse in Isfahan (2014)
- International workshop on occultation held by IOTA in USA (2014) – by Skype
- Workshop at COMU University in Turkey (2016)
- International workshop on occultation held by IOTA in USA (2016) – by Skype
- 7th international symposium on solar system held by IKI, Russia (2016)
- 7th international workshop on occultation and eclipse in Shahr-e Kord, Iran (2017)
- Online presentation of "Simulation of Asteroid's rotation" in ESOP XXXVI, Freiberg, Germany (2017)
- 9th international symposium on solar system held by IKI, Russia (2018)
- International Workshop of IOTA/ME Photometric Observations of Exoplanets Transits in Ankara University (2018)
- Opening talk in 9th international workshop on occultation and eclipse at COMU University, Canakkale, Turkey (2019)
- IOTA/ME 2nd Workshop on Photometric Study of Binary Systems and Exoplanet Transits, Çukurova University, Adana, Turkey (2020)
-Annual Meeting of the International Occultation Timing Association, USA (2020)
- 11th International Symposium on Solar System held by IKI, Russia (Oct. 2020)
- Invited speaker at the 52nd Conference on Variable Stars Research, Czech Republic Astronomical Society (Nov. 2020)

- Member of the editorial board of the international journal “Night Sky” (2010-2011)
- Manager of NAJMA astronomical society of Gonbad-e Kavoos (1993-2010)
- CEO of Hamraz Aseman Shiraz (Since 2004)
- One of Iran's representatives in the APOSOS project of the Iranian Space Agency (2012)
- President of International Occultation Timing Association in Middle East section (Since 2009)
- Member of the board of Photon’s managing council (Since 2017)
- Founder and a Member of Editorial Board of JOE - ISSN 2522-7955, (Since 2017)

- Observation and analyze of 44i Boo
Atila Poro
IBVS (Konkoly Observatory, Budapest) No. 5699, 2005

- New Light Curves and Ephemeris of V873 Per
A. Hassanzadeh, M. Bay, A. Poro, K. Khaleghi
JOE 1, 2014

- Observations of variables
A. Hasanzadeh, M. Bay, A. Poro, K. Khaleghi
IBVS (Konkoly Observatory, Budapest) No. 6099, 2013

- A Study on the visibility limit of stellar occultations with the Moon at sunset and sunrise
H. Hekmat'zade, N. Taebjoula, AtilaPoro, M. Zakerin
JOE 1, 2014

- Analysis of the Oscillation Modes of the Recently Discovered Delta Scuti Star GSC 4237-0482 and Presentation of the New Ephemeris
P. Howaida, S. Ahmadi, F. Shabani, J. Erfani Haramy, Atila Poro, A. Hasanzadeh
JOE 1, 2014

- The first light curve analysis of eclipsing binary NR Cam
F. Tavakkoli, A. Hasanzadeh, Atila Poro
New Astronomy, Volume 37, 2015

- First Light Curve Analysis of the High-Amplitude Delta Scuti Star GSC 4552-1498
J. Jafarzadeh, Atila Poro
New Astronomy, 2017

- Sizes, Shapes, and Satellites of Asteroids from Occultations
Waring Dunham, David; Herald, David Russell; Preston, Steve; Timerson, Bradley; Maley, Paul; Frappa, Eric; Hayamizu, Tsutomu; Talbot, John; Poro, Atila
IAU General Assembly, Meeting #29, id.2258262
American Astronomical Society, 2015

- Period study of W UMa-type binary BX Pegasi
Behzad Sakhaei; Atila Poro
JOE 3, 2016

- New light curve and period study of the contact system VW-Cephei
F. Bijarchian; P. Mirshafiei; Atila Poro
JOE 3, 2016

- Investigating the Impact of Exoplanets Parameters on their Habitability
B. Sakhaei, P. Ghaznavi, S.J. Jafarzadeh, A. Poro, K. Rokni, N. Fathalian, S. Sarabi, F. Montazeri, P. Arab Ameri, B. Ghobadi Bisetooni, S.M.A Shoja, A. Helavati, S.J. Enayati, M. Yazdani, M. Daneshi, H. Yusefabaadi, S. Rahimi, K. Mokhtari, M. Yousefzadeh Shabestari
JOE 4, 2017

- SkyTiming; A New Mobile Application for Submit and Timing
Z. S. Lesani, A. Poro
JOE 4, 2017

- A study on asteroids rotational speed influential parameters
Afshin Halavati; Elias Salehian; Atila Poro
JOE 5, 2018

- Monte Carlo Simulations in Comet's Evolution Studies: The Most Complete Model
H. Yousef Abadi; A. Poro
JOE 5, 2018

- Introducing some effective parameters in the types of Occultations
A. Poro
JOE 5, 2018

- Light Curve Analysis of Ground-Based Data from Exoplanets Transit Database
F. Davoudi; S. J. Jafarzadeh; A. Poro; MJ. Gozarandi; A. Fasihi Harandi; S. Mesforoush; O. Bashturk; P. D. Maley; K. Rokni; Z. Zare Mehrjardi; A. Sarostad; S. Khakpash
New Astronomy, 2019

- O-C Study of 545 Lunar Occultations from 13 Double Stars
A. Poro, S. Memarzadeh, A. Halavati, M. Pakravanfar, I. Safaei, A. Sojoudizadeh, S. Hamedian, S. Ebadi, J. Ebrahimzadeh, A. Roshanaei, M. Piri, M.H. Kaboli, A. Mohandes, H. Khezri, P. Eisvandi, M. Shojaatalhosseini, A. Shahdadi, M. Hesampoor, A. Gardi7, K. Gholizadeh, Z. Tavangar, S. Hesampoor, S. Sarabi, M. Kazemipour, H. Hadianpour, F. Chahooshizadeh, A. Baghipour, F. Hasheminasab
JOE 6, 2019
HAL ID: hal-02306413, v1

- New Light Curves and Ephemeris of W UMa-type binary star BX Pegasi
M. Pakravanfar, A. Poro, I. Safaei
JOE 6, 2019
HAL ID: hal-02314267

- Correction Moon's Profile with Occultation Methods
A. Poro, P. Abuhmzh
Tamap Journal of Physical Sciences (TJOPS), Volume 2019

- New Ephemery of W UMa-type Star FI Lyn
H. Khezri, A. Poro
JOE 6, 2019
HAL ID: hal-02430604

- Practical Studies for Different Methods of Lunar Occultation Timing with DSLR Cameras
A. Halavati, A. Poro
JOE 7, 2020

- The New Ephemeris of BZ Leo, V2545 Cyg, and V0402 Gem
A. Poro, L. Shirzadi, A. Safary, S. Memarzadeh
JOE 7, 2020
HAL ID: hal-02501416

- Analysis of Observational Parameters in the Timing Accuracy of Lunar Occultations
Poro A., Nasrollahzadeh F., Mazoochi F., Rajaei E., Salmani O., Dashti Y., Hosseinvand A., Khodadadifard A., Mohandes A., Jamali F., Khodabakhshi J., HedayatJoo M., Sabouri K., Arvaneh F.Z., MohammadiZadeh F., Nastaran M., Amiri V., Tavangar Z., Haselpour A., Dehghani Ghanateghestani A., Kabiri A., Zarei Z., Tavangar A., Neychin Z., Dehghani R., Malekhoseini M.
JOE 7, 2020

- Period Study by the Transit Method with Ground-Based Observations
Poro A., Elmi Kanklou F., Ranjbaryan Iri Olya S., Dashan N., Ansarinia F., Abdollahi F., Haselpour A., Dehghanizadeh Baghdadabad F., Jahediparizi F., Gardi A., Hossein vand A.
JOE 7, 2020

- Estimation of the Total Mass of 10 Exoplanets and their Host Stars Based on the Primary Transit Method
Poro A., Hedayatjoo M., Dashti Y., MohammadiZadeh F., Hashemi M., Rajaei E., Kazemi A., Sarostad A., Nastaran M., Zarei Z., Dehghani Ghanatghestani A.
JOE 7, 2020

- The New Ephemeris and Light Curve Analysis of a W Uma‐type Binary: GV Leo
Madani M., Poro A.
JOE 7, 2020

- Radius Study of Ten Transiting Hot Jupiter Exoplanets with Ground-Based Observations
Davoudi F.; Poro A., Paki E.; Mirshafie P.; Ahangarani F.; Farahani A.; Roshana M.; Abolhasani F.; Zamanpour Sh.; Lashgari E.; Modarres S.; Mohandes A.
Tamap Journal of Physical Science, Volume 2020

- Davoudi F, Poro A, Alicavus F, Halavati A, Doostmohammadi S, A. Shahdadi A, et al. 2020. New Data on the Eclipsing Binary V1848 Ori and Improved Orbital and Light Curve Solutions. Open Astron. 29:72-80. DOI:

- F. Davoudi, A. Poro, F. Alicavus, J. Rahimi, et al. 2020. The First Light Curve Solutions and Period Changes of EW Psc and HN Psc. New Astronomy. Vol. 81.

- F. Farahani, A. Poro, M. Rezaee, and M. Sameni, 2020. Enhancement in Power Conversion Efficiency of CdS Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells Through a Decrease in Light Reflection. Optical Materials. Volume 108. DOI:

- JabarRahimi, ElaheLashgari, MortezaGhanbarzadehchaleshtori, AminBoudesh, FatemehDavoudi, AhmadFarahani, FilipWalter, BohuslavHladík, PeterNosal, AtilaPoro, 2020. The First Light Curve Solutions and Period Study of Two Contact Binary Systems: V1370 Tau and QQ Boo. New Astronomy.

- Atila Poro, Ehsan Paki, Mohammad Madani, Elnaz Bozorgzadeh, Maryam Hadizadeh, Aylar Bahramlouyan, Faranak Mohammadi, Elias Salehian, Samaneh Ghane, Mahdiyeh Mohammadi, Selda Ranjbar Salehian, 2020, Calculating Period and the Rotation Speed of the Asteroids by using Observational Data Collection, Journal of Occultation and Eclipse (JOE), p65

- Majid Bahraminasr, S Javad Jafarzadeh, Fatemeh Montazeri, Atila Poro, Soroush Sarabi. 2020. Evaluating the effect of four unknown parameters included in a latitudinal energy balance model on the habitability of exoplanets. Open Astronomy. Volume 29, Issue 1.

-Poro, A., Bozorgzadeh, E., Mahdavi, N.S., Sarostad, A., Sarmad, S., Niari, E.A. and Vayani, M.R., Refined System Ephemeris for Five Contact Binaries: GW Psc, NS Com, NW Aqr, V0492 Lac, V1355 Tau.

-Poro, A., Zamanpour, S., Hashemi, M., Aladağ, Y., Aksaker, N., Rezaei, S. and Solmaz, A., 2021. BO Ari Light Curve Analysis using Ground-Based and TESS Data. New Astronomy, p.101571.

-Poro, A., Blackford, M.G., Davoudi, F., Mohandes, A., Madani, M., Rezaei, S. and Bozorgzadeh, E., 2021. The New Ephemeris and Light Curve Analysis of V870 Ara by the Ground-Based and TESS Data. arXiv preprint arXiv:2105.11194.

-Atila Poro, Farzaneh Ahangarani Farahani, Majid Bahraminasr, Maryam Hadizadeh, Fatemeh Najafi kodini, Maryam Rezaee, Mahsa Seifi Gargari, 2021, Study of Pluto's Atmosphere Based on 2020 Stellar Occultation Light Curve Results, accepted in the A&A Letters.

-Poro, A., Paki, E., Mazhari, G., Sarabi, S., Alicavus, F.K., Farahani, F.A., Guilani, H., Popov, A.A., Zubareva, A.M., Jalalabadi, B.Z. and Nourmohammad, M., 2021. Observational and Theoretical Studies of 27 δ Scuti Stars with Investigation of the Period–Luminosity Relation. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 133(1026), p.084201.

- Astronomical Occultation (Atila Poro, Paul Maley)
Publisher: Daneshpajuhan javan (2011)

- Observing and analyzing variable stars (Atila Poro, A. Hasanzadeh, S. Ostadnejad and other)
Publisher: Daneshpajuhan Javan (2013)

- Knowledge and Observation of exoplanets (B L. Gary, A. Amiri, Atila Poro)
Publisher: Daneshpajuhan Javan (2016)

- Turkmen: Fluent (Mother tongue)
- Persian: Fluent
- Turkish: Good
- English: Good
- Arabic: Basics

Computer and programming skills:
- The sky 6
- Starry Night
- Occult 4
- Occult watcher
- MaxIm DL
- Stellarium
- Phoebe
- Binary Maker 3
- Latex (familiar)
- Photoshop & illustrator (familiar)
- AUTOCAD (familiar)
- Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Power point, Publisher)

Hamraz Aseman Co.:
- The first manufacturer of fiberglass observatory domes in Iran
- Construction of the observatory in cities: Tehran, Karaj, Gonbad-e Kavoos, Nodeh Khandooz, Taft, Norabad Mamsani, Shiraz, and others.
- Construction biggest observatory in Iran in Taft Azad university
- Import and install the biggest telescope in Iran in Taft Azad university

Honors and Awards:
- First person in physics committee of Khwarizmi Festival in Fars province (1998)
- Acknowledgments from Gonbad-e Kavoos Azad university (2009), Arak university (2011), Taft Azad university (2008), Azarbaijan University (2012)
- Acknowledgments from Head of cultural Heritage handicrafts and tourism organization of Khozestan Province (2011)
- Acknowledgments from the President of Iranian Space Agency (2012)

- Expert of the television program “The Night Sky” (2011)
- Export of the radio program “Choghan-e Falak” (2011)
- Teaching Physics, Astronomy and Olympiads, in high schools of Gonbad-e Kavoos, Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, Gorgan and Karaj cities (since 1997)

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