International Occultation Timing Association / Middle East (IOTA/ME) was officially recognized and began its activities during the first international workshop held in Gonbad city, Iran in November of 2010 on behalf of IOTA and organized by Atila Poro (president and founder of IOTA/ME). At the start of the ceremony Dr. David Dunhum (President of IOTA) appeared in a video message and congratulated this new region of occultation observers for its beginning, and for having the largest audience of participants for an occultation workshop in the world.
IOTA/ME includes two departments: 1) Occultations and TNOs and 2) Exoplanets. Educational activities of these departments include: holding several workshops, publishing an astronomical occultation book written by Atila Poro and Paul D. Maley, and publishing other books by IOTA/ME members on observations of variable stars.
The most regular programs of IOTA/ME are: the annual conference, workshops, astronomical summer school and regularly published JOE issues.

Email: info@iota-me.com and iotamiddleeast@yahoo.com