International Occultation Timing Association - Middle East (IOTA/ME), in during the first international workshop held in Gonbad city in November of 2010 while Iran on behalf of IOTA and with efforts by Atila Poro (president and founder of IOTA/ME) recognized and began its activities. At the start of ceremony David Dunhum (President of IOTA/ME) with a video message was congratulated new region of occultation, and so appreciated for having the most audience for participated of occultation workshop in world.
IOTA/ME included two departments: Occultation and TNOs, Variable stars.
educational activities of two departments until now included: holding several workshops, published of Astronomical Occultation book written by Atila Poro and Paul Maley and published another books by IOTA/ME members with name of variable stars: from observe to absorb.
The most regular and important programs with IOTA/ME are: Annual Conference, Workshops, Astronomical Summer school and regularly published JOE issues.

Email: info@iota-me.com and iotamiddleeast@yahoo.com