Aldebaran Lunar Occultation

On Sundaymorning of August 8, 2015 at 2:22 Central time (21:52 UT). Aldebran occultation that is located in the Taurus constellation is observable. Moreover, the phase of moon will be 30 percent, the star visual magnitude will be approximately 0.9, and the occultation will occur from the eastern edge of the moon.
The moon map is particularly useful for reappearance, as it assists in identifying where the star will reappear against recognizable lunar features. The displayed map of the moon is plotted with full allowance for Libration.

Aldebaran Lunar Occultation

Figur.1: This is a crude map of the moon, intended merely to indicate the location of an occultation against major lunar features.
In most places, at the moment of the event, the altitude of the moon is predicted to be about four to fourteen degrees above horizon. Thus, moving from western boarders to the east side of the country across the shadow line, we will have a better observe situation. Considering shadow line which is presented in figure.2, we will have grazing occultation in south east areas.

Aldebaran Lunar Occultation

Figur.2: This world map is a Mercator projection showing the basic circumstances of an occultation. The time of geocentric conjunction is listed at the bottom of the map.

When the map is drawn in color, the line colors have the following meanings:
- Cyan - the curves of occultation D or R, at moonrise or moonset.
- Blue continuous line - occultation limits, event in twilight.
- White continuous line - the northern and southern occultation limits (graze paths), with the event.
- Red dotted line - occultation limits, event in daylight.

It is necessary to note, areas which are located in the range of the white line can observe occultation. Furthermore, as we move forward from the central areas of occultation to the edge of the white line, duration of occultation will become shorter and shorter, and on the edge of the white line, the grazing occultation will occur.
All observers from everywhere will be invited for group cooperation in observing this event.

IOTA Middle East wishes dream observation with new astronomical achievements for all observers.
You are welcome to submit report, IOTA-ME:
Department of Occultation:
Mr. Hekmat-Zade: +989364206300

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