A Report About Annual Meeting of IOTA (2013)

The 31th annual meeting of international occultation and timing association took place on 4-6th (Friday to Sunday) October 2013, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In this meeting, Dr. Marjan Zakerin presented a talk entitled “Scientific Results of IOTA-ME and Recent Activities” as a remote speaker on Saturday at 10:30 am local time (6 pm according to Tehran time zone). In this presentation, the departments, publications, national cooperations and international activities of IOTA-ME since October 2012 were introduced. All the presentations of 31th annual meeting of international occultation and timing association are accessible from http://www.asteroidoccultation.com/observations/NA/2013Meeting/2013Presentations.htm.
At the end of IOTA-ME presentation, on behalf of IOTA-ME president, Dr. Zakerin asked for more scientific cooperations from IOTA society in the following topics
1. Access of IOTA-ME members to the latest versions of relevant softwares developed in North America and Europe including the training of IOTA/ME members
2. Submitting papers to IOTA-ME journal from other branches of IOTA
3. Attendance of the highly experienced members of IOTA in the international conferences and workshops held by IOTA-ME
4. A better well-organized website for accessing occultations’ data and etc.
Now that IOTA-ME requests and expectations are presented to IOTA society, we are eagerly waiting for the response of IOTA society.