Announcement of the 5th International Workshop on Occultation and Eclipse

Announcement of the 5th International Workshop on Occultation and Eclipse
(for Semi-professional Astronomers)

The 5th annual workshop of International Occultation Timing Association in Middle East (IOTA/ME) will beheld as an international workshop in two difference commissions of “Occultation” and “Eclipse” in Isfahan, Iran, on February 25-27, 2015. The Adib astronomical education center of Isfahan, Iran Space Agency (ISA), International Astronomical Union (IAU), Hamraz Aseman Shiraz Company, OAM Institute, are the sponsors and support this workshop.
The participants must opt one of “occultation” or “eclipse” commissions and the programs of those commissions will be held for 2 days, but the first day and opening will be open for public.

General information
City: Esfahan
Opening: February 25, 2015, 17:00 local time
Closing: February 27, 2015, 17:00 local time
Quorum: 40 persons
Scientific committee members: Prof. Ahmad Kiasatpour (Iran), Amir Hasanzadeh (Iran), Paul D. Maley (USA), Prof. Piero Benvenuti (Italy), Prof. Roger Ferlet (France), Prof. Osman Demircan (Turkey).
Occultation commission subjects: TNOs, Occultations, Asteroids, Observation Methods, Comets
Eclipse commission subjects: Variable Stars, Exoplanets, Spectroscopy, Picture and Data Analyzing, Observation processing
Executive committee members: Spideh Ghaziasgar, Erfan Ahmadi, Fatemeh Baghoulizadeh, Seyyed Mohammad Hossien Khalili
Secretariat office address: Adib Astronomical Education Center, beside Amin gym, Sa’adatabad Avenue, Isfahan, Iran
Phone No.: +98 3136683535 & +98 3136691800
Web site:

Registration fee for Iranian participants: 500,000 IRR (50,000 Tomans)
Registration fee for foreign participants: 150 US dollar for workshop (This also for 3 nights inhabits in a hotel, dinner and lunch for 3 days)

Important dates
Advertising registration information: December 23, 2014 (2 Day 1393)
Starting registration: December 24, 2014 (3 Day 1393)
You can send your articles until: January 25, 2015 (5 Bahman 1393)
Promulgate accepted participants and articles: January 30, 2015 (10 Bahman 1393)
End of registration: January 2, 2015 (11 Bahman 1393)
Workshop date: February 25-27 (6-8 Esfand 1393)

1. We have limitation about number of participants, so those who register first have priority and the list of participants maybe full before ending the registration time.
2. Physics students or members of astronomical groups have priority.
3. In the case of receiving confirmation, their names will be mentioned in participant’s part (tab) of the workshop’s specific website (specific workshop’s website) in order to pay the registration fee and get the final registration. An e-mail will be sent as well.
4. A certificate of participation will be awarded to participants and authors who participate in this program will be given another certification for presenting their articles as well.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
What is International Workshop on Occultation and Eclipse?
In developing or scientific developed countries, scientific workshop is one of the most important programs of science lateral educations.
International Workshop on Occultation and Eclipse is a specialized (professional) educational program (plan) in compact form whose target (objective) community is students and researchers in astrophysics.
IOTA/ME holds (organizes) various educational programs throughout the year, including Summer School of Astronomy to (for) the public and members.
The Gathering (Meeting) and International Workshop are the most important IOTA/ME’s annual general (public) activities (programs, plans) that applicants of membership and activity in IOTA/ME can get familiar with the process of IOTA/ME’s activities and the latest practical information on the workshops’ topics.

What does Semi-professional astronomy mean?
This is an expression has recently become common in astronomy world. It focuses on a class of astronomers whodon’t have PhD in physics or any other part of astronomy but they are not amateur either. These groups of people are largely physics students especially M.A students. Semi-professional astronomers take part in activities with observational base such as observing and collecting data from variable stars, extrasolar planets, spectroscopy, Trans-Neptunian object and so on.

How will the workshop be held?
The International Workshop will be held on two separated aspects of the Occultation and the Eclipse in this manner: each participant can choose only one of the Commissions and participate in the relevant commission, during the 2-dayprogram.
The morning sections (4 hours) are planned for training by teachers and afternoon sections (3 h) will be continued to provide articles and Questions and Answer (Q & A) with the presence and management of invited professors. It should be noted that in the first day of the program, a discourse which is suitable for both of the Commissions will be provided by professors.

What scientific level is required for attending this Workshop?
This Workshop has been set for physics students or experienced astrophysics researchers and there are no topics about elementary astronomy. So the applicants should be at a suitable scientific level in the commission which they choose. It should be noted that the language spoken in the workshop is English so lectures won't be translated and translation will only be done in Q/A section.

How to send and present papers to the workshop?
Papers in form of presentation and poster may be accepted by the opinion of the scientific committee. And after being accepted by the scientific committee and being presented in the workshop, the paper presentation certificate will be issued for the authors by the organizers.
Papers need to be sent in English during the specified time (the papers sent in Persian will not be considered). Papers will be presented in the relevant committee and will be scientifically analyzed and criticized by professors and audience. Thus the only papers which are highly related to the given subject will be accepted.

Announcement of the 5th International Workshop on Occultation and Eclipse
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