Asteroid Occultation reporting

Star Occultation Hip 65379 with asteroid parthenope 11
at 2:54 am (UT), in 2014.12.13
Hip 65379 star occur occultation from main belt in constellation Virgo by asteroid parthenope 11
According to planning was performed, three observational groups located shadow band to do observed in cities Dezful, Zarghan and Khoramshahr.
In Dezful township, occultation to be success with observation and timing.
Dezful: Hojjatola Hekmat'zadeh -Reza Pourhossien
Khoramshahr: Mohammad Hossein Khalili
Zarghan: Alireza Rahimi
Observation Features
Date: 2014.12.13
Start time occultation: 02:54:23.12
End of occultation: 02:54:23.52
Star Magnitude: 8.4
Asteroid Magnitude: 11.5
Reduction Magnitude: 3.6
Asteroid Diameter: 151 km
Distance Asteroid from Earth: 2.98500 AU
Moon Phase: 64%
Moon Distance: 47*
Sun Height: -9
Sun Distance: 60*
Longitude: "13.6'25*48
Latitude: "13.95'23*32
Height: 140m
Type Telescope: Reflector