Seyed Amir Hosein Riasati Fard

latest update: 01/01/2018
IOTA/ME confirms their resume

Personal Information:
- Born: 1992
- Gender: Male
- Marital Status: Married
- Residence: Tbilisi, Georgia
- E-mail:
- Phone: +995 557226638
- Nationality: Iranian

- Responsible for the IOTA/ME Telegram Channel (

- Solid Mechanics engineering university of Marvdasht
- Former manager of marvdasht university astronomy association
- Record of graze occultation for the first time in middle-east
- Former member of iota-me

Research interesting:
- Asteroids
- Eclipse of planets
- Eclipse of asteroids
- Satellite's orbit
- Cosmology

- Trainer of iranian residente of Tbilisi

- Persian
- English
- Georgian

- Second confrence of astrophysics in Hamedan
- Executive agent of crescent of the moon confrence in shiraz.
- lecturer of Congress of venus eclips in Kish
- National workshop of occultation in damghan
- Isfahan national workshop on binary variables
- Second national workshop on occultation and eclips in dezful
- Third international workshop of occultation and eclips in damghan
- Regional workshop of occultation and eclips in fars province
- Workshop on occultation in zaferanieh observatory in tehran