Hannie Yousef Abadi

Research field: Comet

Personal information:
- Birth: 1997
- Gender: Female
- Marital Status: Single
- Nationality: Iranian
- Residence: Zahedan, Iran
- Email: h_yousefabadi@yahoo.com

B. Sc. In biotechnology at Alzahra university of Tehran (2016-2020).

Work and Activity Experience:
- First International peace festival staff at Alzahra university of Tehran (2016).
- Translation of book Algae and Environmental Biotechnology under the supervision of Iran Algae Association at Shahid Beheshti University (2016-2018).
- Participate in 5th IOTA/ME astronomy summer school at Iranian Space Agency (2017).
- Glider and Aerodinamic course at mechanic engineering association of Alzahra university of Tehran (2017).
- Taking entrepreneuring courses at Jahade Daneshgahi of Elm-o-Sanaat university of Tehran (2018).
- Taking IOTA/ME training/research course (2017 - 2018).
- Internship course at Avvi Cina Biotechnology Research Center at Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran, Iran (2018).

Journal and Conference publications:
- Article: "Investigating the Impact of Exoplanets Parameters on Their Habitability"
B. Sakhaei, P. Ghaznavi, S.J. Jafarzadeh, A. Poro, et al.; JOE 4, 2017
- Article: "Monte Carlo Simulations in Comet's Evolution Studies: the Most Complete Model"; H. Yousefabadi, A. Poro. JOE 5, 2018
- Poster: "Evolution of long- and short-period comets in compare"
H. Yousefabadi, A. Poro; 8th International Workshop on Occultation and Eclipse (IWOE8), Istanbul, Turkey

- Persian (Mother tongue): fluent
- English: Good

Research Interest:
- Astronomy
- Comets
- Biotechnology
- Bioastrophysics
- Stem cell therapy
- Technology
- Aerospace
- IT