Quarks Team

About the Quarks™
We are quarks as they are in nature, we consist of six persons, each of whom has meaning in the group.
Our aims and works are:
• Teaching astronomy
• Research on astronomy and space science
• Public outreach of astronomy
• Astrophotography

Since 2016 we have organized:
• 10 workshop and conferences
• 1 school in 6 semesters
• 40 Public Observations
• 170 Planetarium visits
• 15 Observatory visits
• 4 Research projects (included APTO project)
The company was founded in 2019 under the name “Rahpouyane Atlase Aseman Co. Ltd.”
Saeid Hamedian, CEO of the company.

Our team in APTO project:
Salar Ebadi, Research manager & Team Leader
Mohammad ali Piri , Cultural and Art Manager
Saeed Memarzadeh, Education manager