Venus Transit Meeting Was Held (2012)

Venus Transit Professional Meeting was held on Wednesday 4 July 2012 at the conference hall of Iranian Space Agency in Tehran. The meeting began at 10:30 a.m. and ended at 2:30 p.m. Thirty-one representatives of groups that are active in the Venus transit event and the elders of Astronomical Society, who were active in this event, were invited to attend this meeting. This is the report of the Venus transit meeting. The meeting was progressed in this way.
Reporting the activities of IOTA / ME by Mr. Atila Poro and Mr. Aria Saburi.
Reporting the activities of Mehbang Astronomers Society by Mr. Piri and Mr. kaviani.
Reporting the activities of Astronomical Society of Mashhad by Mr. Nezam.
Reporting the activities of the group of Shahid Beheshti University at Karaj observatory by Mr. nilfoorooshan.
Reporting the activity of one of the eight top teams by Ms. Zehbi from Esfehan.
Reporting the activity of Iranian space agency's report of Venus transit observation at Karaj observatory by Mr. Rokni. After reporting, analysis of activities in various areas was held by the president of the meeting, Dr. Mohammad Reza Norouzi. In this part Representatives of groups present their own views, and also Mr. Poro and Mr. Saburi do too. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Saleh Fard, Dear General Managerof Iranian space agency's Remote Sensing, present his views about the reports and future activities.