Fatemeh Montazeri Najafabadi

latest update: 05/03/2017

- Born: 1991
- Residence: Najafabad, Iran
- E-mail: f.montazeri@yahoo.com
- Nationality: Iranian

- Graduated student In Solid State physics State University of Shahr-e Kord (2015-Present)
- B.Sc. In Physics State University of Isfahan (2010-2014)

Research interests:
- Astronomy
- Variable stars
- Astrobiology
- Density Functional Theory (DFT)

Academic projects:
- Rebuilding Nd-YAG laser in Isfahan university laboratory (BSc theises)
- Habitability in binary stars planets with focus on LEBM model (IOTA/ME)
- Simulating the nonlinear response of by Time Dependent Density functional Theory (Under progress, MSc theises)

- Teaching English in Rahnemod Zaban institution (2010)
- Teaching English in 0,1 institution (2012)
- Teaching physics in Alavi institution (2012)
- Teaching physics in Isfahan schools (2013)
- Teaching astronomy in Isfahan schools (2013)
- Teaching physics in Ghalamchi institution (since 2014)

Summer school:
- Participate in 4th Astro Summer School held by IOTA/Middle East and ISA (2016)

- Participate in JSPS CORE TO CORE PROGRAM "PLANET2" symposium, France (2017)
- Participate in 7th international workshop on occultation and eclipse held by IOTA-ME, Shahr-e Kord, Iran (2017)
- Attending in Tissue Culture workshop held by Agriculture and Natural Resources Engineering Organization of Isfahan, Iran (2009)
- Attending in Gases Lasers workshop held by Malek-e-ashtar University, Iran (2010)
- Attending in Observational Skill workshop held by Adib Education Astronomy Center, Iran (2014)

- Presentation of "Application of TDDFT in optics", Shahr-e-Kord university (2016)
- Presentation of "Habitability in binary stars planets with focus on LEBM model", Nice, France (2017)
- Presentation of "Habitability in binary stars planets", Shahr-e-Kord, Iran (2017)

- F. Montazeri Najafabadi, S. J. Jafarzadeh, M. Bahrami Nasr, “Habitability in Different Climate Models“, JOE 3

- Graduated student In solid state physics state university of Shahr-e Kord (Since 2015)
- Member of IOTA/ME eclipse department (Since 2016)
- Working an advisor for student in Ghalamchi institution (Since 2014)
- Responsible physics part in Adib education astronomy center (Since 2015)
- Member of board of Photon’s directors managing council (Since 2017)

- English: Good
- Arabic: Basics

Computer and programming skills:
- The sky 6
- Starry Night
- Stellarium
- Matlab (familiar)
- Mathematical
- Fortran
- Photoshop & illustrator (familiar)
- Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Power point, Publisher)

- Honor advisor in Ghalamchi institution (2014)
- First student in 4thAstor Summer School held by IOTA/Middle East (2016)

- Gold medal in Chess (2005)
- Play Basketball
- Being familiar with art works hand like as leather, Calligraphy, sewing
- Responsible of educational part in Safir-e Noor community