Seyedeh Mahsa Mofidi

latest update: 04/21/2017

Personal Information:
- Born: 1986
- Residence: Tehran, Iran
- E-mail:,
- Nationality: Iranian

- PhD in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Sharif University of Tech, GPA: 18.25 (2014 – present)
- M.Sc. in chemical engineering Amirkabir University of Tech, GPA:18.62 (2010 – 2012)
- B.Sc. in chemical engineering Sharif University of Tech, GPA:3/4 (2004 – 2009)
- Pre University certificate Kherad college, GPA: 19.70 (2003 – 2004)

Research interests:
- Astronomy and universe
- Nano-structured material application in energy production
- Solar Energy and green engineering
- Microbial Fuel Cell
- Nano Engineering of Fuel Cells
- Nano materials safety
- Risk management and Hazard Identification
- Petroleum and Gas Pipeline integrity management (PIM Study)

Academic projects and experiences:
- Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nanocar Motion on Carbon Structures; under supervision of Dr Nejat & Dr Ejtehadi, cont’d. (PhD thesis)
- Design and operation of Microbial Fuel Cell-study on use of solar energy, under supervision of Dr Farzaneh Vahabzadeh 2012. (MSc thesis)
- Simulating gas transmission network and gas behavior in pipe regarding to the effects of major parameters (using MATLAB© and SIMULINK), under supervision of Dr. Ramin Bozorgmehry, 2008. (BSc thesis)
- Simulation of Methane adsorption on carbon nanotube, under supervision of Dr Pazuki, 2014 (Under progress)
- Modeling of microwave heating and temperature distribution analysis by MATLAB© course project of “Advanced Engineering Mathematics”, 2011
- Compilation the Fuel Cell Lab Strategies for FC laboratory of energy department of Sharif University of technology, summer 2010
- Modeling of a Fuel Cell Scooterunder supervision of Dr. R. Roshandel, summer 2010
- Practice Design Fire fighting protection system for HC Tanks based on NFPA standards for water spray, foam, sprinkler, pump station and carbon dioxide total flooding and local, fall 2008
- Calculation and detail design of a distillation column including mechanical design and cost estimation.As a main project of Design of mass and heattransfer systems, Dr. F. Farhadi, spring 2008
- Calculation and design of two phase flow transmission pipelines of ASALOOYE gas exclusive area by using PIPESYS. Dr. A. Vatani, spring 2007

Summer School:
- "Swiss Symposium and Summer School 2016: Solar Light to Chemical Energy Conversion", Les Diablerets, Switzerland, University of Zurich, Poster presentation
- International Summer School at the Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin Foundation for the History of Science (Astronomy, Physics, etc) in Islam in Istanbul from August, 22nd – 25th 2013

- Introduction to Lithographic techniques and nanostructure fabrication, as course project of "Nanochemistry", Sharif University, winter 2015.
- Liquid and Gas Pipelines Integrity Management (PIM Study) based on method of "Kent Muhlbauer"and "ASME B31.8S" and "API 1160" standards, AIPCECo, summer 2014
- Project presentation of "Smoke Extract and Venting Design" based on NFPA 92A/B of 2nd Phase Engineering Padide-Shandiz Recreational Complex, ATEC Co., spring 2012
- Presentation of “Design and operation of Microbial Fuel Cell-study on use of solar energy” M.Sc thesis Seminar, Amirkabir University, fall 2012.
- Presentation of Natural Convection in Active and Passive Solar Thermal Systems as the course project of “Advanced Heat Transfer”, Amirkabir University, winter 2011
- Presentation of Consequence Modeling of gas line rupture and explosion scenarios to determine the safe areas in Marganlar Compressing Station, with PHAST software, winter 2009

- Effect of Anode Depth on Energy Production And Organic Removal in Sediment Microbial Fuel Cell,S.M. Mofidi, F. Vahabzadeh, G. Pazuki-European Biotechnology Congress, May 2014, Italy
- Effect of Anode Embedding Depth on Energy Production and Organic Content Removal of Sediment Microbial Fuel Cell, S.M. Mofidi, F. Vahabzadeh, G. Pazuki- 4th International Microbial Fuel Cells Conference, 2013, Australia
- “Modeling of Microwave Heating of Mashed Potato with Temperature Dependent Thermal and Dielectric Properties”,S.Mahsa Mofidi, Rahnama, Ahmad Reza Raisi - The 7th International Chemical Engineering Congress & Exhibition (IChEC 2011), Kish Island, Iran
- “Hydrogen Production and Storage from Alchoholysis of LiH for Fuel Cell Application”, S. Rahnama*, N. Afsham, S. M. Mofidi, N. Asghary, V. Taghikhani -Fuel Cell Science and Technology 2010Conference, Zaragoza, Spain
- Member of executive committee of The 3th Conference on Safety Engineering and HSE Management, March 2010, Sharif University

Honors and Awards:
- Participate in the competition of “Business Plan” at Sharif University Entrepreneurship center and being selected among those which worth for investment because of the idea of traffic control and monitoring system on vehicles.
- Honor Student (Estedad derakhshan) in MSc duration.
- Certificated by NIORDC (National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company) for successful passing 400 hr courses of safety engineering, risk assessment, consequence modeling and management.
- Performing the 1st rank safety project for NIORDC, mark 98/100
- Be among 0.1 percent top students of Iranian nationwide university entrance exam, 2004 which lead to be accepted in the country best university.

- English: Fluent (TOEFL iBT: 101 out of 120 - GRE: verbal 144, Quantitative 160, Analytical Writing 3)
- Arabic: basics

Computer and programming skills:
- Stellarium
- linux
- MICROSOFT OFFICE, (EXCEL in advance, power point slide design, word)
- Endnote
- PHA-Pro
- Photoshop & illustrator (familiar)
- Fortran
- Geogebra (familiar)
- Latex (familiar)

Extracurricular activities & membership:
- Member of IOTA/ME
- Participation in Astronomy class held by Mahnameh nojum
- Former President of the “Team Work group” of the “Narmafzari” one of the Sharif Students Scientific groups.
- Member of music group of Sharif University
- Playing guitar and keyboard
- Interested in sky night constellation
- Horse riding
- Drawing caricatures some published in local university magazines and "Golagha Bacheha"

Work experience:
- Researcher at Fanavard Magazine, Sharif university of Technology research center, 2015
- Aftab Imen Parto ConsultingEngineersCompany(AIPCECo), Tehran, July 2011 to 2014
- CPSL (Center of process design, safety and loss prevention) Sharif universityresearch center, Tehran, 2009 to 2010
- Attending a 400 hr workshop on “Process Safety, Risk Analysis in Complex Systems” & “Safety Information Systems Management”, by CAPE company under supervision of NIORDC
- Internship duration at South pars (ASALOOYE), Zagros petrochemical company (4th methanol). Study of the operating process, equipments, PFDs and P&IDs. Work on simulation of one plant using HYSYS, summer 2007

Industrial projects:
- Reports on Resilient Cities and smart surveillance systems (2015)
- Risk Assessment and Lifecycle Analysis of Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Parsian Gas Processing Co. (2014)
- Smoke Management for Al-Tajiyat and Al-Zawraa Football Stadiums in Baghdad, Iraq TTBP Consulting Engineers Co. (2014)
- PIM Study for Aghajari and masjedsoleiman Pipeline Tarhandishan -Safety Expert- (2013)
- HAZOP Study on Azar Oil Field Development Project Tehran Raymand Co. -Team Member- (2012)
- HAZOP Study on Firoozabad Ethylene Plant Nargan C. -Team Member- (2012)
- HAZOP Study of Yadavaran EPS Facilities Jahan Pars -Scribe- (2012)
- HAZOP Study on Utility Units of Zanjan Petrochemical Plant HEDCO -Team Member- (2012)
- Smoke Extract and Venting Design 2nd Phase Engineering Padide-Shandiz Recreational Complex -Safety Expert- (2012)
- HAZOP Study on Damavand Power & Steam Generation Plant MAPNA Group -Team Member- (2012)
- HAZOP Study of Iran LNG Water Package Project MAPNA group -Scribe- (2012)
- HAZOP & SIL Study on 4th Pataveh Gas Compressor Station Design & Inspection Co. Hirgan Energy Eng Co. -Team Member- (2011)
- HAZOP Study of Pardis 3rd Ammonia and Urea Project Pardis Petrochemical Company -Team Member- (2011)
- HAZOP Study of Ammonia and Urea Complex in Kermanshah KPIC -Team Member- (2011)
- SIL Study of Sirri Island Gas Gathering and NGL Recovery IOOC -Safety expert- (2011)
- HAZOP Study of SARKHUN GAS REFINERY second unit modification -Team Member- (2010)
- HAZOP Study of SARKHUN GAS REFINERY first unit modification -Team Member- (2010)
- HAZOP Study of Gas Synthesis Unit of SHIRAZ Petrochemical Company NICP -Team Member- (2009)