Sahar Mirlohi

Peraonal informtion:
First name: Sahar
Last name: Mirlohi
Born: 1986
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Residence: Andishe City, Tehran, Iran
Nationality: Iranian
Education: MA. in TEFL

- MA. In English Teaching (TEFL) at Tehran-South Branch, PNU (2013-2018)
- BA. In English Translation at Shahre-Qods Azad University (2004-2008)
- Diploma in Natural Sciences at Hazrat Khadije High School (2001-2004)

Occupational Experiences:
- TEFL advisor and English teacher at JLC (2016-present)
- English supervisor and teacher at MLA (2013-2016)
- English translator at Daneshmand translation office (2012-2016)
- English TA at Sohrab Sepehri School (2012-2013)
- English teacher at Safiran Sepehr (2012-2013)
- English translator at Kasra and Enqelab translation Offices (2010-2014)
- English teacher at Danesh and Day language institutes (2008-2011)

Teaching certificates:
- TTC at MLA (2013)
- TTC at Danesh Language Institute (2008)

- Persian: fluent (mother tongue)
- English: advanced (native-like)

Computer skills:
- Microsoft Office (Word and Powerpoint and other)