The first issue of JOE (Journal of Occultation and Eclipse) was published. This journal is open source and published by the International Occultation Timing Association Middle East section (IOTA/ME).

Asteroid rotation and occultations by observational astronomers
Paul D. Maley
P 1-9
Size: 456.26 Kb
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New light curves and ephemeris of V873 Per
Amir Hasanzadeh, Mozdeh Bay, Kambiz Khaleghi, Atila Poro
P 10-13
Size: 274.72 Kb
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Basic formulae for the exoplanetary transit model calculation
Prof. Osman Demircan
P 14-20
Size: 199.03 Kb
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Successful asteroidal occultations in Australasia during 2013
John Talbot
P 21-30
Size: 731.89 Kb
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Analysis of the oscillation modes of the recently discovered Delta-Scuti star GSC 4237-0482 and presentation of the new ephemeris
P. Howaida, S. Ahmadi, F. Shabani, J. Erfani Haramy, A. Poro, A. Hasanzadeh
P 31-36
Size: 260.52 Kb
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2015 grazing occultation highlights in the Middle East
Dr. Eberhard Riedel
P 37-40
Size: 368.95 Kb
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The orbital evolution of the exoplanets
A. TajalliArdekani, M. Jahan-Miri
P 41-47
Size: 388.82 Kb
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A study of period changes and light curve analysis of SW Lac
Somayeh Zahabi, Afshan Karbassi, Amir Hasanzadeh
P 48-59
Size: 485.9 Kb
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Survey on YORP and EDM effects on distribution and generation of binary asteroids in inner regions of solar system
Mohammad Reza Shafizadeh, Mohammad Reza Shahjahan, Saba Hafizi, Amir Asadi
P 60-69
Size: 573.33 Kb
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A study on the visibility limit of stellar occultations with the Moon at sunset and sunrise
H. Hekmatzade, N. Taebjoula, A. Poro, M. Zakerin
P 70-78
Size: 421.92 Kb
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Journal of Occultation and Eclipse (JOE)
An International Journal in Astronomy and Astrophysics published by International Occultation Timing Association - Middle East Section

Journal of Occultation and Eclipse (JOE) publishes articles in all fields of astronomy and astrophysics (Except Cosmology), with a particular focus on the Occultations, Variable stars and Exoplanets: observations, numerical calculations and modeling, Softwares as well as technique developments. JOE includes full length research articles and letter articles. The journal covers asteroids, Moons, Sun, Planets, Galaxies, Nebulas, Star clusters, comets, TNOs, occultations, Astrobiology, Exoplanets, Variable stars and Eclipsing systems. It reports on original research in all wavelength bands, ranging from radio to gamma-ray.

Scientific Board
- Atila Poro (IOTA/Middle East, Iran)
- Paul D. Maley (IOTA, USA)
- Dr. Eberhard Riedel (IOTA/ES, Germany)
- Prof. Roger Ferlet (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris CNRS, France)
- Prof. Dr. Osman Demircan (COMU University, Turkey)