The second issue of JOE (Journal of Occultation and Eclipse). This journal is open source and published by the International Occultation Timing Association Middle East section (IOTA/ME).

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Journal of Occultation and Eclipse (JOE)
An International Journal in Astronomy and Astrophysics published by International Occultation Timing Association - Middle East Section

Journal of Occultation and Eclipse (JOE) publishes articles in all fields of astronomy and astrophysics (Except Cosmology), with a particular focus on the Occultations, Variable stars and Exoplanets: observations, numerical calculations and modeling, Softwares as well as technique developments. JOE includes full length research articles and letter articles. The journal covers asteroids, Moons, Sun, Planets, Galaxies, Nebulas, Star clusters, comets, TNOs, occultations, Astrobiology, Exoplanets, Variable stars and Eclipsing systems. It reports on original research in all wavelength bands, ranging from radio to gamma-ray.

Scientific Board
- Atila Poro (IOTA/Middle East, Iran)
- Paul D. Maley (IOTA, USA)
- Dr. Eberhard Riedel (IOTA/ES, Germany)
- Prof. Roger Ferlet (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris CNRS, France)
- Prof. Dr. Osman Demircan (COMU University, Turkey)