Second course of winter school of astronomy by IOTA/ME was held in Isfahan on isfand21 to 23, 1392. It provided by iota/me , iranian space agency, Adib center of astronomy education and supported by Najm Shomal science research Institute and Iranian Science Olympiads institute and attended by 40 participants from Tehran, Noorabad momsani, Isfahan, Jahrom, Najafabad, Shiraz, Rasht, Pishva, Desful, Shahr e kord, Karaj, Parand, Zarghan, Soumesara cities was finished.
Second winter school of astronomy passed the register while more 187 patients request to participated. finally, due to the capacity of school,which was 25 persons, and after screening of individuals based on knowledge needed by teachers of this school , 40 persons were accepted and attended. Winter school of astronomy was held in Imam Khomieni complex in Isfahan , and the positive points of this course were side by side in all of accommodation, resturant and classes . moreover , tried all of discuss and learning were in base of observe and experimental with data, And in second day learned sun observe with adib h-alpha telescope was done.
Main topics were selected for this course included : solar physics introduction, observe of variable stars and data absorb, teach of paper writing and work with latex, work in observatory and introduction of semi-professional astronomy. Topics teached by M.r Atila Poro (President of IOTA/ME), Amir Hasanzadeh (President of eclip department of IOTA/ME and Director of Najm Shomal science research institute) and D.r Marjan Zakerin (PHD degree from max planck in physics). Executive director of second winter school of astronomy (IOTA/ME) had claimed by M.r Seyed Reza Monajemi.

The Second IOTA/ME Astronomical Winter School (2014)
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The 4th International conference of occultation and eclipse was held in the Space Research Center of Iran Space Agency on Ghadir Islamic celebration day, October 23, 2013. The Conference held by International Occultation Timing Association in Middle East (IOTA-ME) and sponsored by IAU OAD, HAMI Research Institute, Iran Space Agency, Pars Sky Website and Ava Star Astronomical Center. About 80 people attended the conference and most of them were graduated students in Physics. The conference’s main language was English.

The 4th International Conference of Occultation and Eclipse (2013)
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The workshops for occultation (13 Dec. 2012) and exoplanets (14 Dec. 2012) for IOTA/ME workgroups held at Space Research Institute of Iranian Space Agency, Tehran, Saadat abad. Speakers in These two workshops from 9am up to 13:30 pm talked about different aspect of each workgroup’s activities Particularly on researches in first phase. After the workshops members started their researches for one year.
It should be noted that Exoplanet workgroup with 26 members, Variable stars workgroup with 21 members, Occultation and TNOs workgroup with 12 members, and Construction and development of astronomical instruments workshop with 8 members, have started their activities in IOTA/ME.

Workshops on Occultation and exoplanets for IOTA/ME Members (2012)
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In days Friday and Thursday, and on Dec 27 and 28, 2012 a two-day workshop held in Alborz space center observatory, Mahdasht, Karaj. This workshop was The third professional workshop of variable star’s work group(group 1) with 11 members from different parts of Iran.

The Third Workshop of Variable Star’s Department (2012)
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