Mahya Hedayatjoo

Personal Information:
- Full Name: Mahya Hedayatjoo
- Born: 2004
- Gender: Female
- Residence: Boushehr, Iran
- Email:
- Nationality: Iranian

- Boushehrs’ Nemoneh High School, Boushehr, Iran

Research interest:
- Astronomy and Astrophysics
- Exoplanets
- Variable Stars
- Cosmology

- Analysis of Observational Parameters in the Timing Accuracy of Lunar Occultations
Poro A., Nasrollahzadeh F., Mazoochi F., Rajaei E., Salmani O., Dashti Y., Hosseinvand A., Khodadadifard A., Mohandes A., Jamali F., Khodabakhshi J., HedayatJoo M., Sabouri K., Arvaneh F.Z., MohammadiZadeh F., Nastaran M., Amiri V., Tavangar Z., Haselpour A., Dehghani Ghanateghestani A., Kabiri A., Zarei Z., Tavangar A., Neychin Z., Dehghani R., Malekhoseini M.
JOE 7, 2020

Lecture and teaching:
- Boushehr Kavoshgran Festival leader, Mehr Observatory (March 2018)
- Shiraz Kavoshgaran Festival leader, Mehr Observatory (July 2019)

Conference & workshop Participations:
- Boushehrs’ astronomy society monthly conferences (Since 2018)
- International course on Astronomy and Astrophysics NASE/IAU (March 2019)

Other Experiences:
- Manager of Apollo 50 Anniversary project in Mehr Observatory, IAU100 (August 2019)
- One of the Powers of the Sun project (IAU100 Projects) representative in Iran and organizer of its workshops have been invited to science on the stage Spain for performing the project (Oct 2019)

Computer skills:
- Occult4
- Occult watcher (familiar)
- C2A (familiar)
- Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Language Skills:
- Persian (Mother tongue)
- English (Good)
- Arabic (Basic)