Aseman-e Pars Astronomy Institute

Zeinab Tavangar (Head)
Zahra Neychin
Abdolkarim Tavangar

Shiraz, Iran
29 37' N - 52 32' E

8 inch Reflecting Newtonian

More information:
Aseman-E-Pars astronomy institute was established in 2010, with registered number 1634, by Mostafa Hesampour and Alireza Farzaneh. This institute's purpose was to promote and develop astronomy. During these years the institute's
Teachers have presented different articles and speeches on national and international levels, sone of which were about occultation.and in some of middle eastern workshops in world assembly, astronomical timing (IOAT) has been represented.
The present team from Aseman-E-Pars astronomy institute includes Zahra Neychin, Abdolkarim Tavanger, and Zeynab Tavangar as supervisor.