Paria Abouhamzeh

latest update: 04/21/2017

Personal Information:
- Born: 1994
- Residence: Tehran, Iran
- E-mail:
- Nationality: Iranian

- Shahid Beheshti University,
Laser and Plasma Research Institute
M.S. of Plasma Engineering

- Azad University, Science and Research Branch of Tehran
Plasma Physics Research Center
B.Sc Plasma Physics, GPA: 16.91 out of 20

- Narjes High School
Diploma in Math and Physics, GPA: 19.15 out of 20

- Introduction to Astrophysics Course
Held by Physics Scientific Association (PSA), April, 2013 to June, 2013

- Advanced Astrophysics Course
Held by Physics Scientific Association (PSA), 2014

- 11th Nano Technology Course
Held in Amirkabir University, 2015

- Third Summer School of Astronomy, Projects for semi-professional astronomy
Held for 4 days from 11th to 14th of August, 2015 in Yazd, Iran

- Fourth Summer School Of Astronomy
Held for 4 days from 28th to 31th of August, 2016 in Iran Space Agency (ISA), Karaj, Iran

- National Conference on Gravity and Cosmology
Held in Tehran University by Physics Society of Iran, 2013

- Astrophysics Workshop “Comets and the Rosetta Mission”
Lectured by “Prof. Piero Benvenuti” (Assistant General Secretary of Executive Committee of IAU, Department of Physics and Astronomy of University of Padova, Italy

- Astrophysics Workshop Physics of the Sun and Spectroscopy and Exoplanets
Lectured by Prof. Osman Demircan, Canakkale University, Turkey and Dr. Cyrine Nehme, Notre Dame University,Lebanon.
Held by International Occultation Timing Association in Middle East (IOTA/ME) and PSA

- 4th Annual Conference on Eclipsing and Occultation in Tehran, Iran
Held by IOTA/ME, Iran space Agency (ISA), International Astronomical Union (IAU), 24 October 2013

- Workshop on Binary Stars and Exoplanets
Lectured by Prof.Dr. Osman Demircan ,Prof.Dr. AhmetErdem and Mr. Atilaporo
Held in Canakkale, Turkey on 21-23 February 2016 by CAAM and IOTA/ME

- The Seventh International Moscow Solar System Symposium (7M-S3)
10-14 October, 2016 at the Institute of Russian Academy of Science Space Research Institute RAN (IKI RAN) Moscow, Russia

- 7th International workshop on Occultation and Eclipse
8-10 March 2017, Held in Hafshejan, Shahr-e kord,Iran by IOTA/ME , IAU, Shahr-e Kord University and Haft AsemanHafshejan Astronomical society

- Acceptance in 7th Astronomy Olympiad in Iran, 2011
- The Second Place in The First Radio Telescope Competitions, Held by Semnan University
- First Place in The 4th Summer Astronomy School, “Prediction, observation and analysis on asteroids and comets”

- Presenting a Poster about “Studying Moon’s Edge with Occultation Methods” in The Seventh International Moscow Solar System Symposium, Moscow, Russia, 2016
- Presenting about String Theory in Plasma Physics Research Center, 2015, Tehran, Iran
- Presenting a Poster about “ Light Curve Analysis of the comet C/1995 O1 Hale-Bopp in order to calculate some orbital data” in the Seventh International workshop on Occultation and Eclipse, Shahr-e Kord, Iran, 2017

- Astrophysics, Industrial Plasma, Applications of Plasma in Space Researches Such as Plasma Thrusters, Plasma Cosmology

- Computer Skills: Microsoft office, Photoshop, MATLAB
- Sports: Skate, Ping-Pong
- Others: Amateur Astronomer, Amateur Pianist

- English- Upper Intermediate
- Persian-Native
- Arabic –familiar

- Member of International Occultation Timing Association in Middle East (IOTA/ME)
- Member of Physics Scientific Association in Plasma Physics Research Center

- Mr. AtilaPoro,,President of IOTA/ME, Contact: